Al is professional and trusted. Provides prompt service (even last minute and oddball hrs, i have called him for both). Al is the real deal

Mary Hawley, Bend, Oregon

Good job today brother! Thanks for the help! We love doing buisness with you!

Billy Gass,

Another job for Downtown Ornamental Iron , Inc Thanks Al's Boom Truck Service for doing the heavy lifting for us!

Downtown Ornamental Iron,

Pile of beams heading to Tartan Druim. Thanks Al's Boom Truck for the delivery!

Downtown Ornamental Iron,

Really good service! Definitely recommended this company

Riko Moralez, Bend, Oregon

Nov 12, 2019, 11:05 AM to me 'Morning Al, *** I recommend Al's Boom Truck service as I had the opportunity to work with Al on the the disassembly of several US Forest buildings at Flat Creek Work Center in Oakridge. Most of us working with AL are volunteers either with HistoriCorps or Sand Mountain Society. Al arrived promptly, instructed us on techniques, rigging methods and most importantly safety. Through an 11 hour day, Al was patient, calm, professional as we deconstructed two buildings and moved them off site to storage. I have spent several decades as an engineer and manager on large multi-million dollar erection projects. I would have been pleased then and am pleased now to say that Al is a value-add asset to any project. ***

John Milliken, Bend Ore.